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Engineering; What I Do

Solutions from the Precise Modeling.

Specializes in engineering, contruction Risk management, coordination, and creation of 3D detailed models for both design, analysis, and interference identification and resolution.

Join your projects and verify reinforcement placement, PT ducts clearance etc., provide with realistic accuracy.

Services provided are:

* Bridge Design and Construction Consulting
* Excavated or Elevated structure Curve Geometry Control
* 3D modeling and FEA for specific structural elements
* Integrated Shop Drawing for Construction Risk Management

Specialized Services


BrIM (Bridge/Building Information Management), 3D Integrated Shop Drawing
Utilizing creativity and state-of-the-art 3D engineering technology. Have years of experience involved in large structural construction projects.

Curved Structural Geometry Control
1. Specialized in structural Railroad and Highway clothoid and y=kx^3 cubic spline railroad transition curve.
2. Clearance Envelop analysis
3. Elevated structure Shop drawing geometry control
4. Interchange geometry design

Rapid 3D modeling and analysis
Use analysis programs: SAP2000, COSMOS to engineer detailed connections and construction demand analysis. Capable of rapid modeling and performing analysis in fatique, large discplacements and nonlinear structural behavior, which allows us to provide great benefits to fast pace construction schedules.

Precise Geometric Control
Able to apply in house calculation engines streamlined with AutoDesk and Solidworks tools, creating accurate geometry control and visual modeling for clash detection and presentation. This is essential for the best constructability and risk management.

From preliminary designs to 3D virtual construction, our work is accurate and precise, with knowledge bridging the gap between design and construction. Our innovation stems from the traditional and the modern, insuring that your design is free from congestion and optimized for constructability.


3D Integrated Shop Drawing
1. Build true scale 3D model from design drawings
2. Create construction sequence simulation
3. Optimize rebar placement, perform conflict verification and resolution
4. Create specific software tool and customize for linkage to database for team collaboration
4. Reinforcing Steel Shop drawing Service
5. Steel Structure Shop drawing Service
6. Special detail 3D casting model and geometry definition

Bridge Engineering Design and Construction
1. Perform Preliminary and detail Highway and Bridge Design
2. Perform Seismic modeling, analysis, pre & post processing
3. Pre-cast segmental 3D geometry control

What Used


The tools are up-to-date in the engineering industry:

SolidWorks Premium 3D for modeling and rendering
AutoCAD 2011
COSMOS Premium for non-linear dynamic analysis
Linux enterprise Server for Document Control
MySQL Database Server
Xen Virtual Machines for System Backup

Case Studies

These images are extracted from the various analysis solutions which require rapid modeling for detail modeling and complex geometric shape.

Close Me!

Sections Stress Verification

Solid modeling, the FEM structural components being created and examined under given load with section cuts for stress check.

  • Sections Stress Verification

    Solid modeling, the FEM structural components being created and examined under given load with section cuts for stress check.

  • Stress and displacement plots

  • Complex Bridge Deck Analsis

    Meshing from Shell modeling. Stress and Displacement verification.

For video demonstrations, click to the Video Demo page.


Construction Management Servise

- CaltTans, SFOBB Skyway, SAS
- T.Y.Lin International

Design Consulting

- CaltTans ETI, Highway Alignment
- BART Trans Bay Tunnel Seismic Retrofit
- American Engineering Consulting, Taiwan